AHU Air Conditioning Blocks 4 Kg

AHU 4 kg Block

Tea Tree Oil 4 kg Block
4 kg Air Conditioning Block

Duct Hvac Air & Odour Management

The Air & Odour Conditioning Blocks made from Australian Tea Tree oil to help clean your air from harmful microbes such as bacteria, viruses and mould.

The AHU 4 Kg container is ideally suited for, Commercial & Industrial Units / Offshore Oil Rigs / Marine Vessels / Hotels and Large Shopping Centers etc.

Controls and prevents the growth of harmful organisms which are found in the damp and wet environments within evaporative cooling systems.
Releases the natural benefits of Pure Tea Tree Oil providing microbiological, viral and fungal control and prevention measures in evaporative cooling systems.

Air Conditioning Units, are a potential source of Legionnaires’ disease. Additionally, an unhygienic system may lead to the growth of slime (biofilm) which can clog or foul system components (including the pads) which result in restricting the airflow and cooling capacity of the system. Any slime in your system is an indication it is cultivating harmful bacteria.

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Original Scent
Lemon Scent

Single Empty AHU Box
Box of 12 Empty AHU Boxes

4 kg AHU Container With Gel
4 kg AHU Container With Gel

1 x Empty Container
12 x Empty Containers

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