Air Quality, Odour Control & Dust Solutions

Air Purification Gel Uses

Commercial & Industrial

Air Purification Gel Applications

There is a Zeffer product to suit any Mould, Bacteria or Virus situation or issue.

The broad spectrum anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties of Zeffer products can be used extensively throughout multiple industries and sectors to improve air quality, clean and sanitise and provide long lasting protection against Mould, Bacteria, and Viruses.

Retail, Office, and Commercial Sectors

Automobile Industry
Carpets & Soft furnishings
Restaurants and Retail Outlets
Hotels, Resorts and other Accommodation
Health and Aged Care Facilities (including Hospitals)

Maritime Industry and Offshore Oil Rigs

Cruise Ships
Leisure Craft
Super Yachts
Air Conditioning
Oil & Gas Platforms
Tugs & Work Vessels
Military Vessels (Including Submarines)


General Cleaning and Sanitising

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