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There are several ways to distribute Zeffer Gel.

Place it in the air circulation of the room or area you wish to cover. It works best if there is good airflow over the gel, such as in front of an air conditioner or room fan.
It can also be placed in the air return of forced air systems.
We have standalone electric dispensers for rooms and smaller areas.

Zeffer Gel is not toxic to humans or pets unless consumed in large quantities.

Spills can be cleaned by scooping up the bulk and cleaning what is left with soap and water.
Ingredients of the gel are similar to cosmetics, body creams and lotions.
Zeffer Gel and tea tree oil are biodegradable and can be washed off with soap and water.
Prolonged skin contact should be avoided.
Please see our material safety data sheet here.

FDA approved manufacturing facility, near Bangkok Thailand.  The active ingredient is 100% Australian tea tree oil.

Factory should be ready for manufacturing by March / April 2023.

Factory License: To Follow
FDA Number: To Follow
Product Certificate No: To Follow

​Generally, Zeffer Gel takes 30 to 45 days to completely evaporate.

Variables that affect evaporation:

Relative humidity
Air volume over the gel
Size of the coverage area
Types of furnishings
Zeffer Gel has developed several methods to regulate the rate at which the gel evaporates.

Use the proper amount of Zeffer Gel for the area you wish to cover
Regulate gel evaporation by adjusting the airflow over the gel
Increase or decrease fan speed
Open or close down air vents in the gel container.
We advise customers to monitor the Zeffer Gel dispensers until you learn how the gel works in your particular situation.

Our experts can advise you how to get the most efficient coverage using the least amount of gel.

The residue is what is left behind after the water in the gel has evaporated and carried the tea tree oil into the air. The residue is harmless, 100% biodegradable and can be disposed of in normal trash.

Commercial users should contact our experts for advice on how to estimate the amount of Zeffer Gel needed for your particular application.

Home and office users can use this chart to estimate how much to use. You are also welcome to Contact Us with questions and for advice.

Yes! We make several sizes of Zeffer Gel, For use in Residential Homes, Commercial Building, Industrial Hvac Systems, Offshore and Maritime Transport etc. Contact Us to order.

If all you see is a small amount of opaque gel residue, then it is time to refill.
​You may need to increase the airflow over the gel by increasing fan speed or by opening the vents to allow more tea tree oil into the air.

​Tea tree oil remains on the job even when the Zeffer Gel is gone from the dispenser and all you can see is the opaque residue.
Although tea tree oil will remain in the area for many days after the gel in the dispenser is gone, it is best to refill with Zeffer Gel as soon as possible to maintain the best coverage. Contact Us here to reorder.

We use only pharmaceutical-grade, 100% pure natural Australian tea tree oil. Study after study show that only the highest grade tea tree oil is effective in controlling microbes.
Over many years, Zeffer Gel Chemists have developed and refined a highly efficient method to deliver tea tree oil into indoor environmental air so that it penetrates every corner and every surface in the coverage area.

No! What you smell is natural tea tree oil.

Zeffer Gel comes in two scents:
1. Forest – The natural scent of 100% tea tree oils, no perfume or fragrance is added.
2. Lemon – This is produced by a type of tea tree oil that naturally smells like lemons. Nothing is added.
You can adjust the intensity of the scent by regulating the amount of airflow over the gel container.

​You can store unopened containers of Zeffer Gel for at least 12 months from date of manufacture. The dates are coded on each package.

Zeffer Gel should be stored in a cool, dark area. Refrigeration will extend the shelf life by at least 6 months.(18 Months From Purchase)

​The term “oil” is not quite correct. Highly refined liquid melaleuca extract is very light, almost like water. It is carried into the air in the area, does its job and then degrades and is absorbed into the air or removed by normal cleanings. There is never any residue on furniture, walls, floors, walls, fixtures or equipment.

​Any HVAC system expert will tell you that regular cleaning and maintenance by an experienced company is good practice. But even if you are between scheduled cleanings, Zeffer Gel is effective in your system and the areas you want to treat.

Just introduce Zeffer Gel at any time and keep to your regular cleaning as planned. The tea tree oil will still go through the system and into the environment and do its job.

We encourage you to speak with our experts, who can advise you about your particular situation. Please fill in our inquiry form and we will contact you.

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