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Effective Ways to Ensure Better Air Quality In The Retail Industry. Air & Odour Management  provides air quality solutions of pollution monitoring and fresh air for retail stores and shopping outlets.  Monitoring air quality in shopping malls and retail stores can benefit customers, retailers, and building owners.

Pure Tea Tree Oil – Natures Best
Air Purification Gel (APG) stop’s the spread of invisible mould, bacteria and viruses.
Moulds, Fungi & Bacteria: At the Filter Up To 95%.
Bio-Contaminants: Introduced by Outside Air 95%.
Moulds, Fungi & Bacteria: In AHU’s & FCU’s Up To 75%.

Hepa Filters Two Rules

Rule 1:
HEPA filters can remove a portion of upstream contamination.
It is just as important to understand what a HEPA filter cannot do as well as what it can do.

No HEPA filter can reduce the amount of contamination introduced downstream of the filter. Repeat No HEPA filter can reduce the amount of contamination introduced downstream of the filter. While this may seem inherently obvious, it is amazing how many times the excuse that “the HEPA filters will take care of it”, is used!

Rule 2:
HEPA filters cannot remove contamination introduced downstream of the filter. And that’s the truth!

Penicillium Expansum  Or Digitatum

Zeffer Kills Bio-Contaminants
Introduced By Outside Air Up To 95 %
On Room Surfaces Up To 95 %
In The Air Up To 95 %

 A Natural Product You Can Believe In

Zeffer Air Purification Gel  (APG) is organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

Understanding why food spoils is critical when considering the best way to preserve it. The most common reason food spoilage occurs is because it is exposed to Mould and Bacteria causing pathogens to attack. 

These microbes can cause diseases such as botulism and listeria. Zeffer Gel the best solution for combatting and preventing Airborne Bacteria and Mould.

Mold in HVAC Systems

Mold and mildew develop in HVAC systems for two primary reasons: the presence of moisture, and the presence of nourishment that enables the mold to grow. The moisture comes from the condensation present in air ducts.

Penicillium Digitatum (Mesophilic Fungus)

Particular concern when storing food items like Seeds and Grains as, unlike many types of mold, it can thrive even in relatively low humidity.

Penicillium Expansum (Psychrophilic Blue Mould)

This plant pathogen can infect a wide range of hosts, including Pears, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Corn, and Rice.

What Colour Is Your Mould !


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