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Tea Tree Oil


Air Purification Gel  (APG) is organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, with the active ingredient coming from sustainable tea tree bushes located in far north NSW Australia.
No Gimmicks, No Robots, No Lights, No CO2 Meters, No Masks.

Prevents Mould

Kills Viruses

Combats Bacteria

Reduces Co2

WHAT IS Zeffer ?

Zeffer Air Purification Gel (APG) is a suspension of tea tree oil and water manufactured into a Gel or Liquid form.

Commercial Use
Offshore Use
Residential Use


When the Zeffer Air Purification Gel (APG) evaporates, only water and Tea Tree Oil (TTO) are released: water particles carry with them particles of Tea Tree Oil that will follow the airflow inside the area.

When a particle of TTO comes in contact with a pathogen, like bacteria, mould spore or a virus, it 

  • Encapsulates it,
  • Stops pathogens breathing cycle.
  • Disrupts the membrane, exposing the vulnerable structure of the pathogen.
  • The pathogen is deactivated.


HEPA filters work well and are effective at removing large enough particulate matter like pet dander, pollen and dust mites. Other particulates can be caught but continue to cause concern on the filter such as mould, bacteria, viruses or fungi

A HEPA filter is only a part of the complete solution in improving indoor air quality. HEPA has many shortcomings, particularly for submicron particulates such as VOCs and Viruses. 


Since the ducting systems confect’s all rooms in the building, if building’s central HVAC system is contaminated, bacteria will continue to grow in the ductwork and circulate in the airflow, spreading to every area.

A Contaminated Hvac Systems Links Everything

If you have your HVAC system regularly maintained, this is no guarantee of preventing future outbreaks.
One good example of this is Cruise Ships.

Product Range

Combat and Prevent Bacteria, Mold and Viruses Indoors with GermXit Air Purification Products. 

We focus on delivering technology solutions that safely eliminate bacteria, viruses and mold everywhere they exist, making the world a cleaner place to live.
We remain committed to offering solutions that will treat Air, Surface, and Water, with 99.99% efficacy.
This applies not just to the air that we breathe, but to all surfaces.

Gel Blocks
Air Purification

Steriliser Cleaner

Fogging Solution

Coil Duct Cleaner

Fans & Dispensers

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