Zeffer Air Purification Gel (APG)

Works At Eliminating
Mould, Viruses & Bacteria

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Prevents Mould

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By Up To 75%

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Kills Viruses

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By Up To 95%

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Combats Bacteria

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By Up To 95%

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Reduces Co2

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By Up To 50%

Australia's Cruise Ship Nightmare
A Contaminated Air Con Links Everything !

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Zeffer Air Purification Gel

Smarter Than Your
Average Air Purifier

Gases We Breathe Out

The amount of inhaled air contains 21% of oxygen and 0.04% of carbon dioxide, while the air we breathe out contains 16.4% of oxygen and 4.4% of carbon dioxide. This is because our cells use oxygen from the inhaled air to release energy and give out carbon dioxide as a byproduct.

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a name for a condition that’s thought to be caused by being in a building or other type of enclosed space. Poor indoor air quality can be found in about 30 percent of new and remodeled buildings.

How Can Zeffer Gel Help ?

Our  CBCR System Reduces –
• Bacteria in the air up to 95%.
• Airborne Viruses By Up To 95%
• Carbon dioxide reduced by up to 50%.
• Moulds in the area reduce by up to 75%.
• Zeffer Eliminates Micron Contamination.


Effective Antimicrobial

Moulds, Fungi & Bacteria
At The Filter Up To 95%
Moulds, Fungi & Bacteria
In AHU's & FCU's Up To 75%
In Ductwork & Grills Up To 95%
In Floor Covering Up To 95%
Moulds & Fungi
Mould & Fungi In Floor Covering Up To 75%
On Room Surfaces Up To 95%
In The Air Up To 95%
Introduced By Human Activity 95%
Introduced By Outside Air 95%
Carbon Dioxide
By Up To 50%

Offshore Oil & Gas Rigs

Living and working conditions of offshore workers are an important factor for their productivity as well as for safety and work satisfaction. Two of the most common medical issues facing offshore works is: –

  1. Upper Respiratory Infection? (URI)

Anyone who has ever had a cold knows about acute respiratory infections (URIs). An acute URI is a contagious infection of your upper respiratory tract.

  1. Acute URI

Is a contagious infection of your upper respiratory tract. Your upper respiratory tract includes the nose, throat, pharynx, larynx, and bronchi.

Fresh Food Storage

Understanding why food spoils is critical when considering the best way to preserve it. The most common reason food spoilage occurs is because it is exposed to Mould and Bacteria causing pathogens to attack. These microbes can cause diseases such as botulism and listeria.

Air Conditioning Blocks the best solution for combatting and preventing Airborne Bacteria and Mould.

Stops Mould & Bacteria

Airborne Gel

Controls and prevents the growth of harmful organisms which are found in the damp and wet environments within evaporative cooling systems

Air Conditioning Blocks

Gel stop’s the spread of invisible mold, bacteria and viruses. Including Human Corona-virus, A1 H1N1, Influenza Virus and Legionella.

Air Conditioning Units

Are a potential source of Legionnaires’ disease. Additionally, an unhygienic system may lead to the growth of slime (biofilm)

Zeffer Air Pufication Gel KILLS AIRBORNE VIRUSES

Experience The Protection of Tea Tree Oil

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